Food Craft Mumbai

Pattern of work

Once we get your email id we will mail you our company profile which includes our service presentation and general menu. After that we will send you a tentative quotation menu based on the details we have received from you.

Get A Call

Once you have received the menu. You will get a call from our catering service department to arrange a meeting at our office or your own home to discuss on a menu. Here we can explore your menu options as per your choice and budget.

Food Tasting

After the meeting our catering department will call you to invite you for a food tasting. It is very important that you take up this offer and taste most of the important stuff that you plan to have on your menu and Here you can taste and check our food quality, catering service and our presentation. Get your friends or family along for the food tasting so that you can get a good feedback on the taste of the food.

Touch With You

After finalizing your event we will be in touch with you throughout the process, It’s important to ensure you make time to visit the venue beforehand. Familiarizing yourself in advance with the layout, format, and even details such as where to queue for buffet arrangements will help things to run smoothly on the day.

Successful Event

Finally, a successful event is one that flows flawlessly, and where guests feel at home (even if it's at a venue). But as the hostess, it's easy to try and run the show and forget to have fun! At the end of the day is important to let yourself enjoy the moment and bask in the delight of your hard work! All that planning has finally come to fruition and you can relax with friends, family and other guests while we take care of the rest!


At food craft Mumbai we appreciate any feedback as we feel it makes us grow stronger! We listen to anything from comments on the food and presentation, through to issues on navigating around our website. Please take a few moments to provide us with feedback so that we can consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.