composite or wood deck and animals

16 Common Wood and Composite Decking Questions Answered

First, composite decking contains wood, either sawdust or ground wood fiber. That material can absorb liquids such as oil, and the result can be a stain. Even top brands like Seven Trust decking can stain if oil, paint, juice or other liquids arent quickly cleaned up.

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Although composite decking isn't as strong as wood, it's heavier, doesn't warp or give splinters, and it doesn't need to be stained, sealed or painted; so it's a good choice if you don't want to have to deal with the maintenance a wood deck requires.

composite or wood deck and animals -

Wood decking is beautiful and cost effective but must be re stained every year or two in wood that has superior weather resistance compared to other species Wood

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Are Composite Wood Decks The Best Decking Material? Composite decking is a relatively new material and homeowners around the country are moving toward this new low maintenance deck. Although composite decks carry a greater upfront cost compared to traditional wood decks, the composite deck pays dividends each year by never requiring any sanding

Composite Or Wood Deck And Animals -

Wood vs. Composite: The Ultimate Guide to Decking Materials The two main categories for decking materials are woods and synthetics. Wood is the classic choice for a deck.