composite pasture fence posts

Pasture Pro 1 1/8" Post - Zeitlow Distributing Co.

Pasture Pro fence posts are proudly made in the USA and come backed with a 20 year warranty. The are made for permanent posts in a High Tensile electric fence, eliminate need for insulators and reduces the chances of shorts over the life of your fence.

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PasturePro Composite Fence Posts - Zeitlow Distributing Co.

PasturePro Fence Posts are made with a patented process that uses polypropylene and wood, along with a small percentage of process additives such as pigments and UV inhibitos. PasturePro line posts are self-insulated and are driven just like a t-post.

PasturePro Composite Fence Posts - Electric Fence, High

PasturePro Composite Fence Posts. My task here is to briefly explain the actual usage and installation procedures of PasturePro Posts. The PasturePro Post is intended to be used as a line post for electric fencing. So what does that mean? First, disregard all the posts you have used in the past. Below are some thoughts to help open your mind